A Deeper Look at CAPTCHA Systems
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Banana Data Podcast
A Deeper Look at CAPTCHA Systems
Oct 02, 2020 Season 4 Episode 5

In this episode, Chris and Triveni take a deeper look at CAPTCHA, a completely automated system that has become a nearly inevitable part of a user's online experience. How did complete automation of this system give rise to complications and exclusion of a smaller subset of the online community? How do you distinguish between pure artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence that's being powered by a human? Finally, what ethical concerns should we be taking into consideration?

Learn more about the articles referenced in this episode:

CAPTCHA: Hard for Humans, Easy for Bots by Liel Strauch and Hadas Weinrib (Perimeterx)

AI is making CAPTCHA increasingly cruel for disabled users by Robin.Christopherson (Ability Net)

Why CAPTCHAS Have Gotten So Difficult by Josh Dzieza (The Verge)

Amy J. Ko (Bio)

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